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Watch this video and more on SkillSprints

Creating Your First Word Document

Microsoft Word Basics • 6m 16s

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  • Open, Saving and Printing Documents

    We're going to look at how to open existing documents, save your work to prevent any heartbreaking losses, and print documents for those times when a digital copy just won't cut it. Mastering these skills ensures that your work is always safe and shareable in whatever format you need. It's like l...

  • The Clipboard: Copy, Cut, Paste

    The clipboard is your best friend in Word, allowing you to move text and objects within a document or between documents effortlessly. Understanding how to copy, cut, and paste will supercharge your editing skills, making you a more efficient and versatile Word user. This skill is the digital equi...

  • Formatting Document Text

    This video is all about making your documents not just readable, but visually appealing. We'll cover font changes, size adjustments, color additions, and much more. Knowing how to format your text properly is key to catching and keeping your reader's attention. It's like choosing the right outfit...