HTML 01: Creating Your First Page

For many working in the digital world HTML is a critical digital skill that empowers them to author, edit and manage digital content on the web and mobile devices.

HTML 01:  Creating Your First Page
Cartoon of class learning HTML.

Creating Your First Web Page

This week we are excited to bring you training on the HTML language. For many working in the digital world HTML is a critical digital skill that empowers them to author, edit and manage digital content on the web and mobile devices.

Today, you're going to take the first exciting step into the world of web development. By the end of this lesson, you'll have crafted your very first web page. Sounds thrilling, right?

Understanding the Basics: The Structure of an HTML Document

Before we jump into coding, let's understand what HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is all about. HTML is the foundation of all web pages. It defines the structure and layout of a web page by using various elements (tags).

Think of HTML as the skeleton of a web page. Just like how our bones define our structure, HTML defines the structure of web content.

Setting Up Your Workspace with Visual Studio Code

To begin our coding journey, you'll need a text editor. I recommend using Visual Studio Code, a popular and user-friendly editor. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Download ​Visual Studio Code from here​.
  2. Follow the installation instructions for your operating system.
  3. Once installed, open Visual Studio Code. You'll be using this to write and view your HTML code.

Your Mission: Create and View Your First HTML Page

It's time to get your hands dirty with some coding! Let's create your first HTML page:

In Visual Studio Code, create a new file and save it as index.html. (Make sure you save it somewhere you can easily find it again!) Type the following basic HTML structure:

<!DOCTYPE html> 
          <title>My First Web Page</title> 
     <p>Hello World!</p> 

Now, save your file. Open index.html in a web browser (like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge) to see your very first web page displaying "Hello World!"

Encountered a Hitch? If you face any issues, don't worry! Join our SkillSprints community on Slack. You can get help, share your progress, and connect with fellow learners. Join us ​here​ – it's free!

Why Learning HTML is a Game-Changer for Your Career

In today's digital era, understanding HTML is more than just a technical skill – it's a gateway to countless opportunities. Here's why learning HTML is a significant step towards greater employability and career growth:

  1. Universal Language of the Web: HTML is the foundational language of the internet. Every website you visit is built on HTML. By learning HTML, you're understanding the building blocks of the digital world.
  2. High Demand in the Job Market: In our increasingly digital economy, companies are constantly seeking professionals with web development skills. Knowledge of HTML opens doors to roles in web design, front-end development, digital marketing, content management, and more.
  3. Empowers You to Create and Innovate: HTML skills enable you to build websites from scratch, create engaging content, and even start your entrepreneurial journey. It's the first step in bringing your digital ideas to life.
  4. Enhances Other Skills: HTML is often the starting point for learning more advanced web technologies like CSS, JavaScript, and various content management systems. It lays the groundwork for a comprehensive digital skill set.
  5. Flexibility and Remote Work Opportunities: With HTML skills, you can tap into the burgeoning remote work culture. Web development projects can often be done from anywhere, giving you flexibility in your work environment.

Embrace the Challenge As you embark on this learning journey, remember that mastering HTML is not just about adding a skill to your resume; it's about unlocking a world of digital creativity and opportunities. You're not just learning to code; you're setting yourself up for a future where you can shape and contribute to the digital landscape.

Final Thought: Today, you've started a journey that not only enhances your digital skill set but also opens up a realm of career possibilities. Embrace this opportunity to grow and transform your future!