Excel: Minutes to Mastery

Excel: Minutes to Mastery

Transform your spreadsheet skills in this immersive and dynamic Excel course designed to empower individuals to conquer everyday tasks efficiently. Whether you are an Excel novice or simply looking to refine your skills, this course is tailored to bring out your inner data maestro.

In a short span, this course will equip you with an array of skills. We begin with an engaging introduction into the power of Excel and its practical implications. Unveil the secrets of navigating Excel fluently, gaining understanding about the interface, ribbons, tabs, and menus, all while mastering the movement around cells, rows, and columns.

Our course provides you with hands-on training in entering and editing data, as well as formatting cells to meet your aesthetic needs and highlight key insights. You will also discover the essential functions of Excel such as SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, and MAX and see how they can be leveraged to enhance your efficiency.

Delving deeper, you will unlock the art of creating formulas, learn about the magic of Auto-fill, and unravel the mysteries of absolute and relative references.

The final section of this course unravels the crucial skills of data organization. You'll learn the ins and outs of sorting and filtering data, freezing panes for easy navigation, and creating visually appealing and customizable tables.

Upon completion of this course, you'll not only improve your Excel skills but also attain a heightened ability to manipulate and analyze data. This newfound expertise will streamline your workflow, increase your productivity, and provide you with an essential skillset that is highly valued across multiple industries.

Enroll today, and within a short time, empower yourself with a skill that will last a lifetime. Don't just navigate Excel - master it! Let your data tell a story, let Excel be your canvas, and let this course be your guide. Enroll now and transform your Excel journey!

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Excel: Minutes to Mastery
  • Welcome to Excel

    Mark welcomes you to the course and you'll learn what to expect from this series

  • Understanding the Interface: Ribbon, Tabs, and Menus

    In this section you'll learn how to navigate the (sometimes) complex Microsoft Excel interface. You'll also learn how to navigate through your spreadsheet.

  • Entering and editing data

    You will learn how to enter data into individual cells and format and edit cell contents

  • Formatting Cells

    In this video you'll learn how to format cells to make your worksheets more readable and usable.

  • How to Use a Function

    Use Excel's built-in functions which allow you to easily perform calculations and adjust data.

  • Creating Simple Formulas

    This video explains how to create simple mathematical formulas, such as multiplication, and how to format cells for specific data types like currency. Additionally, it demonstrates the process of copying and pasting formulas to different cells.

  • Absolute and Relative References

    This video discusses the difference between relative and absolute cell addressing, showcasing how to create formulas using both types and their unique behaviors when copied and pasted.

  • Common Functions

    Learn a variety of basic functions available in Excel, including SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, and MAX, and how to apply them to a range of cells, thereby enabling the student to perform basic statistical analyses on data.

  • Sorting and Filtering Data

    This video will introduce tools to sort and filter data, teaching how to organize data in alphabetical order, reverse sort, and create custom sorts using multiple criteria. It also demonstrates how to filter records based on specific requirements, such as only displaying products from certain yea...

  • Freezing Panels

    In the second video, the concept of 'Freezing Panes' will be discussed, a feature that assists in maintaining the visibility of column or row labels when navigating through large spreadsheets.

  • Creating & Customizing Tables

    This video will explore how to convert data into an table, customize its design, and apply styles.

  • Excel Minutes to Mastery Labs

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    Complete these lab exercises to practice and retain the information presented in the course.