Excel: Foundations of Data Management & Analysis

Excel: Foundations of Data Management & Analysis

Are you a marketer, small business owner, or data enthusiast lost in the sea of spreadsheet data? Ready to harness the power of Excel and turn those overwhelming numbers into insightful information?

Welcome to "Foundations of Data Management and Analysis with Excel," the course tailored for desktop workers like you with a foundational understanding of Excel.

In this comprehensive journey, we offer of engaging content across numerous modules, featuring practical exercises and downloadable resources. You'll master the essential techniques that make managing and analyzing data not just manageable, but exciting. From sorting and filtering to live SQL database connections, we've curated a hands-on learning experience that goes beyond mere formulas.

What You'll Learn

• Organizing Data Like a Pro: Sort, filter, and group data, transforming your spreadsheets into well-ordered treasures of information.

• Unlocking the Magic of Functions: Unravel the mysteries behind Excel's most valuable functions, from logical conditions to lookup magic.

• Connecting and Transforming Data: Dive into advanced territory with Power Query and live SQL connections, elevating your data analysis skills.

• Practical, Real-world Exercises: Apply your learning through guided exercises that mimic real-world scenarios, ensuring your newfound skills are actionable.

By the end of this course, you'll not only excel in your daily tasks but also be equipped to make data-driven decisions, analyze trends, and draw actionable conclusions. This course isn't about turning you into a spreadsheet robot– it's about equipping you with the tools and confidence to excel in your career.

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Excel: Foundations of Data Management & Analysis