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Introduction to ChatGPT

ChatGPT Foundations: Your AI Virtual Assistant • 2m 27s

Up Next in ChatGPT Foundations: Your AI Virtual Assistant

  • Creating Effective Prompts

    In this engaging section, we'll focus on mastering the art of crafting prompts that make the most of ChatGPT's capabilities. You'll learn about the essential techniques and best practices for writing prompts that elicit accurate, informative, and relevant responses from ChatGPT. Through a series ...

  • Handling ChatGPT Limitations

    In this insightful section, we'll delve into some of the inherent limitations of ChatGPT and explore strategies for overcoming them. As powerful as ChatGPT is, it's crucial to understand that it may sometimes produce verbose, incomplete, or inaccurate information, and its responses can be sensiti...

  • Ethical Considerations and Responsibl...

    In this crucial section, we'll explore the importance of using ChatGPT ethically and responsibly, ensuring that your AI interactions are both productive and conscientious. We'll discuss various ethical considerations, such as data privacy and confidentiality, content responsibility and accountabi...