Apple Mac OS:  From Beginner to Expert

Apple Mac OS: From Beginner to Expert

Dive into the world of Mac OS, arguably the most sophisticated operating system ever designed. More than its sleek elegance, Mac OS boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes digital mastery seem like second nature. But beneath its surface, lies a powerhouse of features waiting to be unleashed. And that's precisely where "Apple Mac OS: From Beginner to Expert" steps in, guiding you from the basics to unlocking the full potential of your Mac.

In this transformative journey, Mitchell, your guide, takes you by the hand, revealing the Mac OS in a light you've never seen before. You'll start with the essentials, swiftly moving to the powerful productivity tools hidden within. Imagine mastering the Notification Center, Widgets, Mission Control, and an optimized Dock—all tailored to turbocharge your productivity.

But that's just the beginning. The course crescendos into advanced features that will elevate your Mac experience to stratospheric levels. Discover Focus Mode for undisturbed work, navigate through OS shortcuts like a pro, and even learn to extract text from photos with magical ease!

Whether you're aiming to refine your Mac prowess or starting your journey, this course is your gateway to becoming a Mac OS power user. Enroll now and transform your interaction with your Mac, making it more productive, more intuitive, and infinitely more enjoyable. "Apple Mac OS: From Beginner to Expert" was crafted just for you.

Apple Mac OS:  From Beginner to Expert
  • Introduction to Mac

    In this video, you'll meet your instructor and will understand the objectives of the course

  • What's New With Monterey?

    Mitchell gives you a brief overview of all the updates in MacOS Monterey, so you know just what you're getting into!

  • A Tour Of Your Mac

    Mitchell gives you a brief introduction to the MacOS system. Here you'll learn to navigate the top menu bars, dock, and launchpad.

  • Launching & Quitting Applications

    In this video, Mitchell teaches you to launch, close and quit open applications -- and it isn't quite as easy as it sounds!

  • Notification Center & Widgets

    Never miss an important update again! In this video, you'll learn to utilize and customize your notification center

  • Managing Windows & Mission Control

    Open windows can get overwhelming... Fortunately, MacOS makes managing windows easy with "Mission Control", and in this lesson, Mitchell will show you how to use it!

  • Customizing your Dock

    The dock is the central hub of your machine, so it's important you understand how to customize it to fit your personal needs. In this video, Mitchell will teach you how to add/remove applications, files and folders from the doc as well as how to alter it's placement, magnification and size!

  • Navigating Finder

    In this video, you'll learn to use Apples "Finder" application to search for key files, downloads and applications so you never lose a file again!

  • Creating Folders & Stacks

    Mitchell gives you some brief strategies to quickly clean up and organize your desktop home screen using folders and stacks.

  • Downloading Web Files & Airdrop

    In this lesson, you'll learn to download a file from a third-party website -- you'll also learn how to quickly share that file with other Apple users through Airdrop

  • Spotlight Search

    If you ever feel overwhelmed while searching for an app, photo, or file, then "Spotlight Search" is the tool for you. In this lesson, Mitchell teaches you how to use the "Spotlight Search" function to locate anything, anywhere.

  • Using Apple Mail

    Apple's native mail application may feel simple, but it's far from short on features. In this video, Mitchell teaches you how to use the mail app and how to link third-party mail clients like Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook to it!

  • Safari Tips & Tricks

    Safari has gotten a huge update in MacOS Monterey and in this video, Mitchell walks us through them all.

  • Reminders App

    Mitchell talks you through the basics of using Apple Reminders

  • Using Apple Calendar

    Apple's native calendar app is convenient and ready the moment you open your Mac machine for the very first time! In this video, Mitchell teaches us to use the calendar app to set appointments, events and send invitations to other users. You'll also learn to integrate any secondary calendars you ...

  • Installing & Uninstalling Applications

    Installing and deleting applications on Mac isn't as simple as it looks -- but by the end of this lesson, you'll be installing and deleting apps like a pro!

  • Facetime

    Facetime has received a huge update in MacOS Monterey and in this video, Mitchell walks us through all the changes and teaches us how to Facetime both Apple AND Non-Apple users

  • Setting Shortcuts

    Shortcuts are quick and easily created automations that can save you a ton of time. Learn all about them and how to use them in this video!

  • Focus Mode

    Focus Mode allows you to zone in on the task at hand. Learn all about it and how to use focus mode in this lecture!

  • Dark Mode / Desktop Wallpaper

    You'll want to make your desktop all your own, and in this lesson, Mitchell teaches you how to do just that!

  • Select Text From Photo

    One of the coolest new features in MacOS Monterey is the ability to select text right from a photo, and in this video, Mitchell will teach you how to use it

  • Gestures, Tips & Tricks

    Mitchell shares his top productivity tips & tricks with you